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Do More Together Than You Can Alone

We will never stop fighting for a greener, healthier world. Our goal is to save the planet for our children. Join us to win.

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Eco Campaigns

Our environmental movement is organized in a way that allows everyone to participate.

Green Projects

Projects aimed at stopping deforestation, world ocean pollution and species extinction.

We Can Build a Better Future for Our Planet Together

Help us save the air we breathe and the places we live in.

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Current Projects

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Check our top
clients & partners

Check our top
clients and partners

This means that today, at 34 years old, I can live solely off my investments and am not reliant on income from a job.

Thomas Holm Ingemann

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Recent Articles

Oceans are essential to life on Earth. They support the livelihoods of one tenth of all people on the planet. Sustainable fishing helps to protect oceans.

Marine life is currently suffering from the huge amount of plastic that is thrown into the world ocean. We need solutions now!

Fighting Global

The extinction of plant and animal species is endangering the functioning of ecosystems. We have to take action now!

Choose Ecological

Treating nature in a careful way to minimaze water use, exclude pesticides and encourage healthy soil exploitation.

Reducing Waste

Learn how you can make small changes that are eco-friendly and will have a lasting effect for the planet cleansing.

Every decision

Even though I encourage you to invest, you should also remember that there is risk involved in all forms of investment. You can lose your money. The content on this page, my newsletter og social channels should not be considered as advice, as I am not aware of your situation or risk tolerance.


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