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Thomas Holm Ingemann

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¡El reto por el Apple Watch Series 9 ya está en juego! Tanto si estás dando tus primeros pasos en el mundo de las acciones como si ya eres un experto, ¡te lanzo mis mejores deseos de éxito!

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Desde el 2013, he cosechado un retorno anual promedio de un 34%. ¿Crees poder superar esa marca? ¡Vamos, demuéstralo! 📈🔥

Thomas Holm Ingemann

Esto significa que hoy, a los 34 años, puedo vivir únicamente de mis inversiones y no dependo de ingresos de un trabajo.

Thomas Holm Ingemann

Slow and steady wins the race

My investment philosophy


Identify the prevailing global megatrends and strategically invest in them. Always bear in mind that recognizing and aligning with these trends can be advantageous, as they often provide significant tailwinds for your portfolio.


Invest new money regularly; even small amounts matter and can help create a snowball effect for your portfolio. Remember that it's almost impossible to time the market, which is why I recommend staying invested all the time.

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eToro se centra en hacer la inversión accesible y más fácil. Con cero comisiones, importes mínimos bajos y una plataforma sencilla, la inversión en acciones es algo que cualquiera podría hacer.

Los CFD son instrumentos complejos y van acompañados de un riesgo alto de perder dinero rápido debido al apalancamiento. El 76 % de los inversores minoristas pierde dinero al invertir a través de CFD con este proveedor. Debe considerar si comprende cómo funcionan los CFD y si puede permitirse asumir el alto riesgo de perder su dinero.

eToro (Europe) Ltd., una Compañía de Servicios Financieros autorizada y regulada por la Comisión de Bolsa y Valores de Chipre (CySEC) bajo la licencia n.º 109/10


Stocks are one of the “cheapest” ways to get started, meaning that you need a minimum of 10,000 kr. to start investing. You can invest less, but you risk quickly having commissions and other fees become too significant.

Additionally, it requires a desire to learn and patience, lots of patience. Good returns take time, and it can certainly test your will and patience, especially during downturns.

Over 80% of my funds are in stocks. The rest consists of real estate, crypto, and alternative investments.

It depends on your needs. Generally, eToro is a good choice for many due to its low costs and the ability to copy others’ trades.

If you use your own bank, you need to be very aware of their fees. They often are significantly higher than, for example, eToro.

We’re living in challenging times right now, with war in Europe, supply chain issues, high inflation, and rising interest rates. So yes, there are many reasons to be cautious. But no matter when you ask, economists can point to dark clouds on the horizon. Most recently in 2020 when we were introduced to Corona, and the markets plummeted massively. As we all know, that was followed by huge increases afterwards.

Timing the market is extremely difficult, it’s not a skill I’m personally good at. However, I do know that time in the market beats timing the market. In other words, over time the market will rise, so it’s about being in it for the long haul, and accepting that you can’t always buy at the bottom and sell at the top.

That was the long answer. The short one is, I see many exciting buying opportunities in the market right now, but also the opposite. So you can definitely invest now, but be extra cautious given the circumstances.

No, neither. I invest for myself and I’m happy to share my advice, completely free of charge. If you’re looking for advice or a manager, unfortunately, I’ll have to direct you elsewhere.

Every decision

Even though I encourage you to invest, you should also remember that there is risk involved in all forms of investment. You can lose your money. The content on this page, my newsletter og social channels should not be considered as advice, as I am not aware of your situation or risk tolerance.


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